Pathways Governance & Assessment Table

This table reflects the most up-to-date list of Pathways courses and minors, either already approved or in governance. HOWEVER, since this is a working document, you must check JIRA or contact Jenni Gallagher at to double-check the accuracy of the information. Think you have spotted an error or discrepancy? Please contact Jenni Gallagher: For full descriptions of the Pathways Concepts and Outcomes, check out this handout.

The table is searchable and sortable. To assist with the assessment process, SCROLL RIGHT to find for which learning outcomes each course was approved.
Use the following key to navigate the table:

CLE Areas:
1 = Writing and Discourse
2 = Ideas, Cultural Traditions, and Values
3 = Society and Human Behavior
4 = Scientific Reasoning and Discovery
5 = Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning
6 = Creativity and Aesthetic Experience
7 = Critical Issues in a Global Context

Pathways Core Concepts:
1f = Foundational Discourse
1a = Advanced/Applied Discourse
2 = Critical Thinking in the Humanities
3 = Reasoning in the Social Sciences
4 =
Reasoning in the Natural Sciences
5f = Foundational Quantitative and Computational Thinking
5a = Advanced/Applied Quantitative and Computational Thinking
6a, 6d, or 6a,6d (either) = Critique and Practice in Design and the Arts
7 = Critical Analysis of Identity and Equity in the United States

Pathways Integrative Concepts:
10 = Ethical Reasoning
11 = Intercultural and Global Awareness